#CanYourLions Featured on AdWeek!

A big shoutout to TwineSocial clients Mullen Lowe Group, whose #CanYourLions campaign was just profiled on AdWeek! Check Out the #CanYourLions Profile on AdWeek Here Now It's an ingenious idea—invite winners of the prestigious Cannes Grand Prix to donate the value of their prizes towards feeding the needy in Nepal. According to AdWeek:
Mullen Lowe Group says it will donate the monetary replacement value of all the Lions it wins at this year's festival to support hunger and earthquake relief in Nepal. Through a program called "Can Your Lions," the agency is asking other Cannes winners to do the same.

According to Mullen Lowe, it costs 50 cents to feed a person in Nepal for one day. So, a Cannes Grand Prix statue—valued at $2,906—is worth 5,812 days of food. Gold, silver and bronze Lions are worth $1,280 each—or 2,560 days of food.

The total value of all Cannes prizes is $1.5 million. And because it costs just $0.50 to feed one person for one day the #CanYourLions campaign could feed up to 3,000,000 people—if Mullen Lowe can spread the word to the advertising community.


To drive awareness, Mullen Lowe is pushing user-generated content around the hashtag #BuildYourLions—inviting more winning agencies to join Mullen Lowe and pitch in for the cause. Mullen Lowe uses TwineSocial to display the very latest tweets on in a custom-styled social wall on the Can Your Lions webpage.

Check Out Mullen Lowe's Implementation of TwineSocial on #CanYourLions

The result is $92,506 donated — that's 185,012 days of food —so far. And still counting.

Invite a Cannes winning agency you know to join the pledge by tweeting your thoughts using #CanYourLion. It may be the single most selfless act one can perform in under 140 characters.

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