Building Social Media Display Walls

Great events are like stories—unfolding into some pretty memorable moments. But in the age of Instagram, Twitter and smartphones, you need the right tools to capture the whole story. With TwineSocial, you can compile and display your attendees’ social media content in real time at your conference or event. Create a Twitter hashtag for your conference or event, or create a live feed for Instagram photos and custom posts to spark excitement and engagement.

Beautiful Themes

Customize your hub to match your event's look-and-feel. Choose from our extensive Our built-in color & design schemes are optimized for large format display. Or design your own custom social media wall layout with CSS.  

ChromeCast, Web, HTML...Your Choice

With TwineSocial, it's super easy to launch your display wall. We offer built-in support for the popular ChromeCast device, and straightforward instructions to launch your social media feed with nearly every device on every format.  

For more ideas on how to promote shared enthusiasm around an idea, product, or community, check out our solutions gallery. Then, kick off your own success story with a free 7-day trial of TwineSocial. Let us know how we can help!

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