Our Favorite Social Media Blog Posts This Week

Donna Moritz — Get Canva on Your iPad

Canva, "the easiest to use design program in the world," according the Webbys, just released the easiest to use design program on iPad in the word, according to, well, anyone who's used it. Check out Donna's look at the new program, watch the video, and download it for yourself. Why We Love It: Social media marketers need more visual content—and they need quickly. Canva does that better than pretty much anyone else. Canva-on-ipad

Brandon Schaefer — Why It’s a Good Idea to Reshare GooglePlus Content from Your Top Market Segment Influencers

Brandon Shares three good reasons to reshare content from the top influencers in your space—and how to do it. While you're at it check out Brandon's article on holiday marketing campaigns. (Yes, you need to be thinking about that now.) Why We Love It: Google Plus is only getting bigger. Know how to use it. Why-Its-a-Good-Idea-to-Reshare-GooglePlus-Content-from-Influencers

Stan Smith — What Ragnar Taught Me About Grassroots Content Marketing

Stan shares some thoughts on content marketing from 14.1 mile, 24 hour run through the Adirondack mountains in upstate New York. Why We Love It: Running ... and marketing ... are you kidding me?

Melonie Dodaro — 10 Data-Driven Steps To Dominate LinkedIn Publishing

A slick, slick infographic from Melonie to help you leverage your LinkedIn publishing.

Deanna Zaucha — #AmazonWishList Appears on Twitter Just In Time For Holiday Shopping

A fascinating looks at Amazon's latest hashtag selling campaign, #AmazonWishList. Following up on the success of #AmazonCart, this new social media campaign positions Amazon for the holiday marketing season. Why We Love It: Since #AmazonCart, Amazon has lead the charge for smart, ROI-driving hashtag marketing. Deanna gives some hot tips for monetizing Twitter with your own business. Blog_Amazon_CP1

Bridget Quigg — Test Your Holiday Social Strategy Early and Often

The holidays are coming—Bridget gives some tips for choosing the right campaign strategy to turn followers into customers this holiday season. Why We Love It: The holidays are the most important marketing period of the year—Bridget has some good tips to get you into the game early.

Dustin W. Stout — The Best Mobile Apps to Create Visual Content

Dustin shares several helpful apps that will help you easily create visual social media content, right from your mobile device. Why We Love It: If you aren't using visual content—and don't have the time and skills to create it with Photoshop—you're search is over.

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