The Power of The Pin: Promoting Your Posts

When you post something that is both entertaining and useful in your social hub, pinning that post will give fans more opportunities to respond. This kind of post also shows fans that your social hub acts as community and a resource. “Pinning” a certain post means that the post will stay at the top of your social hub for one week (or longer). Many organizations choose to pin customer compliments and experiences, others will make sure a key video or photo stays at the top.

Case Study: How Mastercard uses Promoted Posts

MasterCard faced a creative challenge when launching the Mastercard Social Hub with TwineSocial. The level of user generated content to the hub was so high that important, official content quickly scrolled out of view. Mastercard leveraged three of TwineSocial's social hub promotion features to overcome this problem.

Pinning a Post

By combining TwineSocial's "pin" feature and post layout features, Mastercard is able to feature key brand videos at the top of the social hub. Importantly, the TwineSocial experience is tightly integrated with the Mastercard brand, creating a seamless experience for the  visitor: Mastercard #priceless TwineSocial The "Pin Post" feature permits you to attach any post (organic, sponsored, or user-generated) to the top of your page, positioning it so that visitors to your social hub will see it right away. If you have a post promoting your latest social campaign, you definitely want to sponsor it by pinning it to the top!

Repeating a Post

In addition, Mastercard uses TwineSocial's repeating post feature to automatically repeat specific posts at defined intervals. These promotional posts are often posts by golf influencers, infographics, or ads, and are designed to remind visitors about important events and other messages in the feed: Repeating a Post  

Enlarging a Post with Post Layouts

Lastly, Mastercard identifies particular pieces of content that have strong visual appeal, and uses TwineSocial's library of post layouts to give these posts particular emphasis. Double Posts  
How have you promoted a post in your social hub? Let us know below!

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