New: Live Streaming Social Media Updates

We're thrilled to announce the availability of Live Streaming Social Media Updates for all social media campaigns today. Using this new feature, your social campaigns can now receive new Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts immediately after post. This feature is essential for live events, Q&A sessions, broadcast, contests, and retail displays.

How It Works

When you enable Live Updates on your TwineSocial campaign, the TwineSocial platform will maintain an open connection to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, monitoring for any new posts which arrive for your selected @accounts or #hashtags. When new images arrive, you can automatically display the new social media posts in your client browsers: Or, display a "Load More" indicator:   Live Updates are available for $250 per day, and can be scheduled as needed from within the TwineSocial Management Console. (For longer duration events, simply contact us for custom pricing.)   Social Media Display Wall Live Updates    

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