5 Ways to Write Tweets (with Examples)

5 Ways to Write Tweets Your Followers Will Actually Read (with Examples)

1. Keep it short.

When tweets are unnecessarily long, readers are less likely to read them. Plus, when your tweet is retweeted with a comment (always a good thing) the end of your tweet will be cut off. When the end of your tweet is a link this causes problems. So stick to the point and let a nice graphic do the work for you. Like this clever tweet from Orea:

2. Call them to action.

Your tweets are over twice as likely to be retweeted if you ask followers to retweet them. If you want them to click a link, tell them "Click here." It's an old proven copywriting trick and it shouldn't surprise us. Of course this doesn't mean you have to eat up your valuable twitter characters with "retweet this" or "click here." Just include the idea in the image. Like Pepsi did in this smart tweet:

3. Use smart hashtags.

Though hashtags have become their own art form, their original purpose was to help users collection and organize content. And they still work admirably in this way even today. So look for hashtags related to your industry (a service like Hashtagify can really help here) and find out which ones pull best for your posts. And always, always check a hashtag before you use it. Another method—if you're a massive brand like Amazon—is to go out and create your own hashtag.

4. Say Something Interesting

It doesn't have to be terrifically informative. And it doesn't have to be directly related to your brand. Snapple does this well with a tweet about apples and proposals in Ancient Greece:

5. Say Something Helpful

Teaching does sell—especially teaching on something that will help your followers right now. Combine that with a nice video and a snappy hashtag  and you have this winner from Best Buy:

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