Top 10 Social Media Blog Posts We Read this Week

Literally millions of blog posts are published each week. In fact, about 14 million blog posts are published each week on WordPress alone. A lot of those are about social media. And a lot of them are helpful. But you absolutely, positively can't read them all no matter how fast you read. So to help, we've rounded up our top social media blog posts of the week from some of our favorite social media writers. Take a look—and please share what you find useful.  

How to write copy that sellsRay Edwards and Amy Porterfield — How to Write Copy that Sells

Your marketing (including your social media marketing) is never better than your copywriting. And this podcast will make both just a little bit better. Definitely Read this If... Your copywriting still hasn't put you in the position to buy this historic castle in France.   Social Media Trends to Watch

Christian Karasiewicz: 7 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2014

Some helpful statistics here. For instance, 89% of marketers have no clue how to measure ROI on social media. Meaning if you do know how to measure ROI on social media, you're kind of a big deal. Definitely Read this If... Social media ROI still remains a mystery for you (Christian's 7th trend) or if you just really like hugely stunning infographics.  

Add Personality to Your Brand Voice

Pamela Wilson: How to Infuse Your Brand Voice With Personality

Articles about lifeless brand voices are now about as common as lifeless brand voices. But this one by Pamela Wilson is quite helpful: 3 down-to-earth steps to give a personality shot to your brand. Definitely Read this If... You've ever used the word "incentivize" in your company communications—ever.  

Aaron Lee: 12 Amazing Facebook Cover Photos With Simple, Clean Design

Aaron Lee shares 12 beautiful Facebook cover photos that will inspire something amazing for your Facebook page. One great thing about these examples: They are all beautiful and simple, so can cook up a stunning Facebook cover photo even if you're not a Photoshop ninja. Definitely Read this If... Your current Facebook cover photo doesn't make you smile like this one does.  

Social Media Time ManagementMelonie Dodaro: The Guide To Social Media Time Management

You know it. We know it. Everyone knows it. Most of us are wasting too much time on social media. Luckily, Melonie Dodaro knows it too and has five tips to help you manage your social media time better. Definitely Read this If... You spend multiple hours on social media a day and your name isn't Guy Kawasaki.  

How to Write Blog Posts FasterBeth Hayden: A Simple Way to Write More Blog Posts in Less Time

We all want to write better, faster. In this post, Beth Haydn presents two tips you can start using today to do just that. Definitely Read this If... You feel like you should be way faster at writing.  

Charlotte Varela: Vine or Instagram? Testing the Two Big Players in Social Video

The Spartans vs. the Athenians in Ancient Greece. England vs. France in the Middle Ages. The United States vs. Russia during the Cold War... And now: Vine vs. Instagram. Charlotte Varela shares the strengths and weaknesses of each network—and helps you choose the right one for your business. Definitely Read this If... You aren't sure which network is better for your brand.


Monitor Social Media Trends

Ian Cleary: Why It’s Essential You Monitor Trending Content

A look at the why and how to monitoring trending content, with three tools that will help you find out what's trending faster. Definitely Read this If... You have absolutely no idea what's trending in your space right NOW.    

kim-save-timeKim Garst: 20 Ways to Save HOURS of Social Media Time

Kims cuts right to it with 20 time saving tips you can apply right now. Definitely Read this If... You'd like to be a good social media marketer and have time for other things.    

Amanda Webb: How To Post To Instagram From Your PC In 2 Steps

Posting to Instagram from PC Amanda Webb has solved a frustrating problem for many social media marketers with this post: How do you post to Instagram right from your desktop. Definitely Read This If... You're tired of creating pictures on your computer, emailing them to yourself, and posting them to Instagram from your phone.

Your Turn: What Social Media Post Have Helped You?

What blog posts and articles have helped you this week? Share in the comments below. We'll read each article and, if we like it, share it in next week's roundup. Until then, have a great rest of your Friday!  

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