7 Social Media Blog Posts to Read

1. The CMO's Guide to Marketing Automation

AdAge's  explores the benefits and drawbacks of marketing automation. If you're a doing any social media marketing, you almost certainly use automation. Alex shares some helpful thoughts here.

2. How to Drive Conversions on Curated Links with Mike Cheng of Sniply

Afton Negrea and Sniply CEO Mike Cheng discuss a simply yet brilliant new tool for driving website leads from social media. Sniply lets you "place" ads on sites you link to. It's simple yet super slick. For a demo of Sniply, click this link and listen to Afton's full podcast. (And when you click that link, check out how we put a TwineSocial ad on there. Pretty slick.)


3. Facebook Post Frequency: How to Find What Works

Andrea Vahl talks about how often you should post on Facebook in light of new algorithm changes—and gives actionable steps for finding the right frequency for your industry. Be sure to check out her section on watching competitors' pages using Facebook's new watch feature.

4. No More Facebook Like-Gating: What It Means and Why You Should Care

It's official: Facebook has banned like gating. But before you join the mourners, check out this blog post by John Loomer. John talks about what this means, what to do about it, and why the sky may not be falling after all. Download the audio and listen to it on the way home this evening. Cleary Twitter

5. Twitter Tools: 10 Irresistible Tools to Help Dominate Twitter

Ian Cleary shares ten tools that will help you conquer the world—or at least the Twitter part of it. Be sure to check out #2. Twitonomy seems like a real winner. q2-twitter

 6. Twitter Q2 2014 Earnings Reports Is Out!

Dustin W. Stout gives us a quick update on Twitter's earning report. If you like what you see here, you'll want to subscribe to Dustin's blog for more great updates on social media news.

7. 5 LinkedIn Profile Updates You Need to Make Today

Last but not lest, Brian Murray shares five updates you need to make to keep your LinkedIn profile in fighting shape. Luckily, they're all super simple. That's it for us. What are you reading? Let us know in the comments!

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