New Feature: Post Authoring & Editing

Our development team just released an powerful new feature to your social media hubs: Post Authoring & Post Editing. Now, it's simple to author new content into your social hub. This feature is great for featuring content that may not existing in your social channels yet, or for giving prominent attention to your featured content. We've made this new feature super-easy to find in the new TwineSocial toolbar. Assuming that you're currently logged in to your TwineSocial account, navigate to the page where you have your social hub embedded and look for the toolbar in the lower left corner: feature-create-new-1   Enter a headline or paste a URL:   feature-create-new-2   We'll retrieve the page, and pull in the relevant photo, video, headline and body copy. You're live! TwineSocial toolbar  

But wait, there's more...

You'll often find that a few tweaks to the post content are in order. Once you've added the post, simply click the Edit button visible when hovering over the tile. From here, you can tweak most elements of your tile: embed additional HTML, format your content, change the date of the post, avatar, and much more: Edit almost anything.   Stay tuned for more amazing features. And if you haven't joined the party, get your social media hub today.  

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