Maaco Builds Trust with UGC

The creative team at Mythic is like a well-oiled machine. The full-service agency, based in Charlotte, NC, consistently produces award-winning ideas, so when Driven Brands – the nation’s leading automotive franchisor – sought to recalibrate its marketing strategy, Mythic stocked the toolbox. Inside, TwineSocial’s content curation platform would do much of the heavy lifting in integrating social media content. Thanks to Mythic’s two-pronged approach, this would become one of the most thoughtful implementations we’ve seen to-date.

Mythic’s success is built around the idea that what a brand means to consumers is of utmost importance. Thus, tasked with a tune-up for two automotive brands, the full-service agency shifted away from traditional product-oriented language and focused instead on building connections with customers. Given the prevalence of technology in daily communication, social media networks provided the ideal platform.

With Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting, promotional campaigns invited customers to share their “uh-oh” moments, a reference to the brand’s trademark slogan, “Uh-oh. Better Get Maaco.” Personal stories resonated with readers. From clipping grandpa’s Cadillac to backing out of a very closed garage door, user-generated content quickly reinforced Maaco’s messaging. Maaco, in turn, inspired confidence among consumers simply by engaging in meaningful conversation. As a result, a menu of repair services transformed into something far more relevant.


TwineSocial’s aggregation engine channeled that rich messaging to a beautifully curated social hub on Maaco’s website. An agency-level plan allowed managers to customize and monitor the #UhOhSanAndreas campaign separately from other ongoing projects.

For example, Mythic also configured private social hubs designed specifically for Maaco and Meineke Car Care Center franchise owners. With more than 1,400 locations between the two brands, the Social Media Assistant Tool empowered owners to maintain a lively digital presence, too. The pages aggregate corporate social media content, and Twine’s pre-designed layouts offer clickable links that make it easy for franchise owners to share content with their own customer base.


Using the same versatile TwineSocial platform, Mythic created wildly different masterpieces. Pulling in user-generated content demonstrated one brand’s common ground with consumers, while pushing shareable content out to franchisees provided consistency and support within the company. In pairing good ideas with the right tools, the agency rocked this implementation in a way that has us all wanting to be a little more Mythic today.

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