Wintershall Takes Energy Production Online

For an industry as potentially invisible as energy production, maintaining a positive brand image is important. But for Wintershall, one of Germany’s oldest and largest crude oil and natural gas producers, this is nothing new. After all, they haven’t lasted 100 years by accident—innovation, partnerships, and good business practices are still the key to success. But the question remains: in a talkative and increasingly social 21st century, how does an international energy producer stay in front of consumers?

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Looking to increase the public’s awareness of Wintershall’s activities and movements, brand managers turned to TwineSocial to bring the company’s digital conversation onto their website where the public can more easily see it. But they didn’t stop there. Using our Social Media REST API, Wintershall’s brand managers crafted a perfect social hub that reflected the look and feel of the Wintershall Holding GmbH site. TwineSocial’s Professional Services Division worked hand-in-hand with Wintershall to craft a social hub that put the invisible yet integral world of energy in front of consumers and the marketplace.

Having harnessed the power of social media, Wintershall is continuing to cement their position as a leader in the world energy market. A good reputation doesn’t come by accident for an industry as integral to the world economy as energy, and with their proven ingenuity and innovation, Wintershall is going to keep working in the background…publicly.

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