New Feature: Direct Traffic to Your Feed with “High Fives”

Once you’ve setup your social media hub, you’ll want to make sure it gets as much traffic as possible. Twine’s High Fives helps with this by automatically following up with users whose tweets appear on your TwineSocial page, directing them back to your social hub, like this: Twine randomly selects each High Five from over 20 personal-looking messages. Of course, Twine will not send high fives to content your author or to retweets. Twine also doesn’t high five the same person more than once every three days. To enable High Fives, login to your TwineSocial account and click the “Promote” tab. Then check “Enable high fives.” Pro Tip: If you expect you’ll be giving out a lot of High Fives, you can have Twine send them from a different Twitter account. Simply connect that account in the “Connections” tab. Then, when enabling High Fives, under “Send high fives from” choose your new Twitter account.

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