You’re Losing Money By Not Using Fan Photos

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the right image is worth more.

Despite the pressure marketers feel to create picture-perfect content, that’s not actually what consumers want to see. In fact, today’s shoppers increasingly condemn brands for Photoshopped ads, preferring instead visuals that reflect reality.

Authenticity doesn’t just resonate. It sells.

Simply displaying candid customer photos on product pages produces an average 4.6 percent jump in conversions, and when shoppers engage with those real-life images, conversions increase 9.6 percent.

It’s precisely because these images were not created for commercial purposes that they are so well-received. While consumers largely distrust promotional content, peer recommendations cut through the skepticism. In fact, 90% of US shoppers say user-generated content – like product reviews, fan photos and videos – is the most influential part of their purchase decisions.

Fortunately, the rise of social media makes it relatively easy to access compelling UGC. Each day, Instagram’s users post an estimated 70 million photos, while 350 million images are uploaded to Facebook daily. “By harnessing user-generated photos – arguably the most authentic and abundant brand assets available today – marketers have happened upon a goldmine of virtually inexhaustible content,” AdWeek reports. “And better yet, UGC – which by definition captures real people in real situations with a dynamism distinctly absent in stock photography – has proven to turn browsers into buyers.”

Of course, it’s important for brands to handle UGC carefully. As a rule, fans are generally excited about being featured by brands they love, but if you intend to repurpose content outside of social hubs, you’ll need to secure appropriate permissions.

The best way to start is by aggregating fan content into a social hub. TwineSocial’s admin-friendly dashboards allow product managers to legally scan all the major social media networks for desired hashtags and feeds. This not only makes it easy to compile a library of compelling visuals but also locate superfans, track post engagement, and open the door to huge opportunities in advertising.

This strategy is how clients like MasterCard, Nike, Hyatt, Mazda, and Garnier get massive conversions. They understand that people want to see what the brand means – not just what it sells – and there’s no better way to do that then by showcasing real user experiences.

Images can make or break a marketing campaign, and UGC is a game-changing resource. To see how you can get more engagement by converting trustworthy social media content into real ROI, start a free trial of TwineSocial today.

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