#WhyIServe - AXON Tells Their Stories

There’s a story behind every act of service, and a new initiative is celebrating the individuals making a difference in their communities. Sponsored by Axon - the global leader in body cameras and digital evidence tools for law enforcement - the #WhyIServe campaign shows how a well-crafted online presence can bring big results offline.

In late 2015, public relations firm Edelman joined forces with TwineSocial to prepare for the project launch. Much like Axon’s own product line -- which gives police officers a way to tell their stories with recorded footage -- the #WhyIServe campaign gives any individual involved in public service the opportunity to show not just what they do, but why they do it.


Press releases and invitations quickly spread among teachers, military organizations, non-profit groups, and community leaders, and soon, hashtagged submissions began brightening Twitter and Instagram feeds. With TwineSocial’s toolbox at hand, the Edelman team stood ready for action.

“The platform came recommended to us by our website developer who was very impressed with it,” recalled Digital Consumer Marketing Supervisor Nadine Bedford of the decision to partner with Twine. “Our goal was to collect the online conversations happening across multiple channels that used our campaign hashtag and funnel them all to the homepage of our microsite.”


Twine’s powerful aggregation tools more than met the need, instantly bringing the site to life with dynamic social content. Advanced features like Twine’s CSS capabilities, for example, also meant Edelman could make the presentation as captivating as the stories themselves. As visitors hover over a grayscale social wall, posts turn full-color, emphasizing Axon’s iconic yellow and black branding. Behind the scenes, moderation tools allow social media managers to ensure only relevant content is published, while the intuitive display enables viewers to enlarge posts and easily share content across social channels.


“The website became a showcase and celebration of all the people serving their communities,” Bedford said, expressing satisfaction with the end result. In a six week period, Edelman reported the campaign generated nearly a thousand hashtag mentions, 2.8 million impressions, and, no doubt, immeasurable ripples of inspiration nationwide.

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