How a Social Media Hub Can Help Your Brand

See if this sounds familiar. Someone says something amazing about your brand on Twitter. Maybe they just love your customer service ... Maybe your product recently helped them out of a bind ... Maybe they just want to share a blog post they found helpful. Whatever. You know what happens next? Nothing. That’s what.

If a Fan Tweets in the Forest and No One Sees It...

In a few minutes that post will be buried under an ever-expanding pile of Twitter content that grows by about 3 thousand tweets a second. In fact, very likely, not even many your fan’s friends saw the Tweet. So. You just received the holy grail of marketing (a spontaneous customer review) and here’s what you get:
  • Zero site traffic
  • Zero brand awareness
  • Zero good will with future customers
  • Zero anything
That just shouldn’t be happening.

There’s Must Be a Better Way (Introducing: Your Social Media Hub)...

Now let’s rerun the tape from the beginning. Only this time you have a social media hub set up on your website displaying all your user-generated content real-time. Take 2: Someone says something amazing about your brand on Twitter. Twine automatically adds it to your social media hub (and sends your fan an automated message directing him to your hub). That evening you get an email, alerting you to your good fortune. You can then easily pin your fans Tweets to the top of your social media hub so all your fans see it. So. Now here’s what you get from that one customer Tweet:
  • Long-term views of what an actual person said about your brand,
  • Website traffic when your fan goes to check out his tweet on your social media hub,
  • Shares from other viewers (even from other networks) who stumble across your fan’s Tweet down the road.
Will this one Tweet make the difference for your social media engagement? Of course not. But multiple tweets over multiple days? That just might. The bottom line: When someone says something amazing about your brand don’t let the social media noise drown them out. Give them a megaphone.

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