3 Ways TwineSocial Is Perfect for Cities

Barriers are coming down all around us. Individuals and technologies previously thought to be limited are showing up in new arenas. There’s even a Tesla in space.

The same holds true for social media. No longer exclusively the domain of oversharing soccer moms or massive companies and airbrushed personalities, social media is increasingly used by cities and municipalities across the globe to boost awareness and tap into excitement and culture surrounding their locale. From Chandler Arizona, to Vandalia, Ohio, local governments are realizing the untapped potential of the social world.

Here are three ways social media aggregation with TwineSocial is the right choice for your city.

1. It is a force multiplier

Tight budgets and long to-do lists are the norm for any municipality. With that in mind, new or groundbreaking solutions must punch well above their weight to be viable. Social media does just that.

Sharing is powerful. People trust their peers far more than they trust brands. They also have a natural affection for their hometown. What could be better than combining the two into one? Seeing tremendous growth and momentum from this symbiosis, City of Vandalia Communication Manager Rich Hopkins says, “Our goal is to use our #HereInVandalia campaign to highlight the exceptional quality of life here in Vandalia. We’ve been very fortunate to have citizens participate in this mission, and we hope to build on that momentum moving forward.”

2. It is cost effective

We all know that “you get what you pay for.” If you want features and results, it comes with a price. Social media may be the one area where that is not (or less) true. The smaller your city, the smaller the budget. So how does a smaller city showcase its charm and reinforce the camraderie of it’s residents? For Hopkins and the city of Vandalia, it was an easy choice.

“We’re a town of roughly 16,000 people… which puts us fairly far down the list in terms of population in our county. We feel that TwineSocial has given us the opportunity to reflect our community in an effective but low cost manner.”

Effective and low cost – that actually exists?

3. It is versatile yet simple

Constraints are not limited to budgets. In fact staffing often sees the same limitations. What if this social superpower was not only cost effective and exactly what you needed, but easy to use and labor-light? Rich says “The Admin site is actually very simple to use,” which has been a blessing for his team.

What’s more, the system is versatile. Want to solicit fan content? Check. Want to promote a hashtag around the summer festival? Check. Want to display content outdoors at the Labor Day party? You got it. In fact, Rich says, “There’s nothing in the program’s set-up, ease of use, customer support, or pricing plan that would preclude us from using the service for other projects. Customer support walked me through the set-up when we signed up.”

It really is that easy.

For more ideas on how to promote shared enthusiasm around an idea, product, or community, check out our solutions gallery. Then, kick off your own success story with a free 7-day trial of TwineSocial. Let us know how we can help!

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