Rainforest Alliance Builds a Movement with TwineSocial

The internationally-acclaimed Rainforest Alliance isn’t afraid of tackling a challenge. Alleviating poverty, protecting healthy ecosystems, and transforming business and consumer practices are all part of a day’s work for the global non-profit. But as with any long-term effort, the challenge is to maintain a fresh, ongoing conversation.

follow the frog

About to launch an annual 10-month Follow the Frog campaign, the Alliance knew keeping the project page up-to-date would be essential. The communications team already saw tremendous engagement on social media channels with stories, videos, and interactive content regularly appearing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As Web Associate Erica Rosset recalled , “it seemed like a no-brainer” to look for a social aggregation tool that would retrieve fresh content on its own over an extended period of time.


Consultants recommended TwineSocial’s platform, which the Rainforest Alliance found to be “the best option as far as design, function, cost and customer service,” Rosset said. The added ability to customize with CSS and incorporate Call-To-Action features on individual posts also meant social displays could fully reflect the brand’s energetic tone.

UN page

With offices in nine countries, the non-profit coordinates multiple campaigns each year, most notably surrounding the Paris Climate Talks and Earth Day. Twine’s platform allows social media managers to easily curate and display project-specific content on separate hubs throughout the site. In addition, by pulling in all uses of #followthefrog by advocates around the world – of which nearly 400,000 are connected with the Rainforest Alliance’s social channels -- the group was better able to showcase a strong global voice on its own website and its partner page at The Guardian.

Guardian page

“The number of content impressions are pretty high, but mostly it’s really impressive to see our total social media reach on a single page. It has also given us a visual way to insert ourselves into the larger conversation,” Rosset said, which, she noted, helps the Rainforest Alliance’s audience see “their voices matter and are so important as we move toward a more sustainable world.”

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