New Features: Immersive New Layout, Easy Sharing, and More

After consuming roughly 17 cups of coffee, our team is rolling out some exciting new features to your social media hubs, effective today. With these changes, Twine becomes even more immersive and easy for your fans to use.

1. Immersive New Layout

First, you’ll notice we’ve made it super-easy for your viewers to move between pieces of content in our feed. When you click on any piece of content in your feed it automatically expands to fill the webpage. Your viewers can then use the left/right arrow keys to scroll through your content. Why we’re excited about it: The more immersive your feed is, the more time people will spend enjoying your content. Which means more sales. Which means more time at [insert your favorite vacation destination].

2. Full Hashtag Support.

Twine displays the hashtags used for each piece of content on your feed, so your viewers can join the conversation. Why we’re excited about it: Now your viewers aren’t just viewers. They can join the conversation about your brand using the hashtags you used.

3. Poster Identification

Viewers can now see who posted each piece of content on your feed—and when and where they posted it. Plus, each piece of content now links back to the poster’s social media page. This means that when people post about your brand you’ll “reward” them by sending people to their social media pages! Why we’re excited about it: Your viewers now feel like they’re part of one giant conversation about your brand. Plus, time stamps help create an exciting as-it’s-happening feel on your feed.

4. “Read the rest” links for articles and blogs posts.

When your viewers come to an post about an article or blog posts, they’ll see slick little “Read more” link (with the original publishers logo beside). Click it and you’ll be taken to the full article. Why we’re excited about it: When someone big says something great about your brand, we make sure it’s super-easy for your fans to hear about it.

5. Super-Easy Sharing

We’re one-upping your mom with this one. Because now, not only is it fun to share, it’s also easy as cake. Above each piece of content you’ll see links to share on the four most popular social media platforms as well as email. When your viewers see a piece of content they like they can share it with their friend on their preferred social network—all in just two clicks. Why we’re excited about it: More sharing = more people excited about your brand = more sales = happiness.

Over to you now…

We’re making improvements to Twine everyday. Got a suggestion for a feature you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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