Coffee Cuisine? You Bet.

Coffee is not an ingredient, right?

Think again.

Swiss coffee maker Nespresso thinks that coffee is an ingredient in fine cooking, and they’re ready to prove it. For three short weeks, 17 of Switzerland's most talented rising chefs offered a mouth-watering array of new and exciting dishes at special prices that all had one thing in common: Nespresso’s Grand Crus coffee. Billed the “Gourmet Weeks,” these 21 days of culinary delight made some of Switzerland’s most unique food available at special prices—and all with coffee.


Looking to harness the caffeinated energy that these special dishes were sure to create, Nespresso hired Swiss firm Compresso Agency to create an online experience that not only offered a platform for food-lovers to share their experience but served as an international advertisement for the talents of Switzerland’s finest chefs. Fans were encouraged to use the hashtag #NespressoGourmet on social media, but how was that content to be seen?

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 11.35.53 AM

TwineSocial provided the solution with a custom plan that harnessed the energy of Grand Crus. Fitting the elegant and luxurious design of the Nespresso page with a horizontally scrolling design, the tool enabled users to effortlessly scroll through fan content without breaking the structure or flow of the Nespresso page.


Gourmet Weeks was an outstanding success, reinforcing Nespresso’s reputation as a luxury brand and introducing the public to coffee gastronomy. But the real key was social involvement. With well over a thousand satisfied diners posting their excited pictures and impressions, Nespresso’s brand image and campaign enjoyed a powerful advantage over a print-only campaign. Word of mouth still rules.

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