The Secrets Behind ADP's #HelloWork Campaign

Machines may eventually rule us, but for now they don't and ADP is making the most of that. Companies are still people, and that includes one of the largest HR management services companies in the world. Combining great people with great software, ADP has reached the top of it's game. But does the public know it?

Looking to emphasize the human component of ADP's innovation, executives went looking for a way to showcase their enthusiastic employees and eventually settled on the most personal medium of the modern era: social media.

Using the hashtag #hellowork, employees were invited to share their experiences for the world to see.


But how was this enthusiasm to be showcased to the public? Using TwineSocial's powerful aggregator, thousands of posts were displayed on the special #hellowork webpage. Company designers used many of the custom branding tools available to Enterprise clients to customize the look and feel of the Hub to match the exciting and colorful design of the ADP #hellowork page, creating a seamless and powerful experience.

Throughout the still ongoing campaign, thousands of excited and motivated employees proudly answered the call to "Celebrate the moments that make your job great." Over the year it has run, the campaign has been effective in reinforcing the image of ADP as a forward-thinking and cutting-edge leader in the HR management space.

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