Let's Run a Marathon at Night - Singapore's Sundown Marathon

Those of us who have run a marathon during the day agree: it’s boring. Since when is the nighttime off limits for marathon running?

Enter Singapore’s Sundown Marathon.

Marathon founder and ultramarathoner Adrian Mok says, “It is just different running at night. It’s quieter and you are able to clear your mind to focus on your run. I want to bring this experience to all runners. The experience of running at night. We train at night, why don’t we race at night?”

Billing itself “The No. 1 Night Run” the Sundown Marathon is exactly what it sounds like - a nocturnal athletic event of epic proportions. Participants - many of whom have trained at night - get to finally race at night, with all 27,000 runners in the 2017 run experiencing the event’s motto: “Sleep Can Wait.”

That’s an understatement for a distance widely considered the most difficult and punishing race a runner can endure in one day…..err..…night.

While nighttime runs and nocturnal personal records are exciting and make great photos, the hard work of enabling those good times starts months in advance. To ensure the event was a success, the Sundown Marathons team hired HiVelocity, a Singapore-based organization specializing in “marketing, organizing and managing sports events” to help with the marathon.

Social media is an integral part of any event marketing effort, particularly one with so much crowd involvement. “We wanted to provide a fresher user experience when they visit our event’s website, and on event day on the screens” said Kimberly Chua, Marketing Manager at HiVelocity. This meant using TwineSocial.

Sundown Marathons not only wanted a social media Hub on the website but wanted to incorporate participant social media at the event itself, with large displays showing a near real-time feed.

“With TwineSocial’s tools we managed to get more people to upload photos and use our hashtag. This increased social reach dramatically.” Kimberly says. Small wonder. What’s more exciting to fitness fans than photos of excited participants ready to participate in a one-of-a-kind nighttime run?

All told, Kimberly says that the TwineSocial platform was “quite user friendly” and enabled them to reach a larger audience than they otherwise would have. Sounds like a textbook use of social media to us!

And all that from a simple Google search.

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