3 Effortless Ways to Get More Social Media Followers

Getting social media users to become brand followers is more challenging than ever. With millions of businesses active online, it can easily feel like your posts are just another needle in the haystack.

This is usually the point where most marketers are told the solution is to simply produce more content, but smart brands know better. In fact, the most successful marketers use existing social media content to increase growth.

Interested? Take a look at how social media hubs can turn prospects into captivated followers.

1. Show Visitors Your Brand is Worth Following

    To create lasting growth, you have to find a way to genuinely engage people. That rarely involves patting one’s own back, since consumers are highly skeptical of self-promotional content. But we humans do have a fundamental desire to belong, and social media integrations create a sense of fellowship around a brand, product, or idea.

    As Entreprenuer contributor Eric Christopher writes, “When we see other people taking interest in a product or service, we become more motivated to follow the crowd and purchase it ourselves.” This phenomenon is widely known as social proof, and the research is compelling. Seeing authentic, peer-driven content inspires consumers to take action.

    This is why successful marketers prioritize UGC by developing stand-out social media hubs. Behind the scenes, brand managers can easily search all the major social media networks for desired hashtags, accounts, or keywords, and apply moderation rules to maintain brand integrity. Visual features can be adjusted to match the brand’s look and feel and with very little effort – shh, we won’t tell – a beautifully personalized experience awaits visitors.

    The goal is to show that your brand is worth following – not by dishing out more sales pitches, but by leveraging existing UGC to communicate value. Social media hubs are like a “best of” reel, and trust us, there is plenty to go around. Nearly three-quarters of US shoppers have submitted photos, videos, or reviews about a brand, and they do so primarily because they are excited to support the company or cause.  Embrace these existing fans as your greatest influencers, because enthusiasm is contagious.

    2. Use CTA and Follow Buttons to Inspire More Action

      One of the easiest ways to expand reach is by asking loyal followers to invite friends and family to participate. Of course, inviting others to join the conversation about your brand opens up a world of potential, but only if people can find it. Social media hubs make that possible, putting inspiring UGC front and center and serving as the catalyst for continued engagement and growth.

      While CTA (Call-to-Action) prompts can and should be included in posts made from the brand’s official social media accounts, it is good practice to incorporate the tool into social media hubs as well. Through TwineSocial’s admin dashboard, brand managers can easily embed links into any post appearing on the brand’s hub. For example, did a happy customer just post an epic view from her hotel balcony? Awesome. Add a CTA pointing viewers to your hotel’s booking page.

      Tag a friend, ask followers to share a post with others, or invite visitors to follow your official brand accounts. You can add as many CTAs as you’d like, either manually or automatically (using the powerful, industry-leading Rules Engine), and each can be independently styled to match your hub’s look and feel.

      At the end of the day, effective prompts can make a huge difference in engagement.  Ask, and receive.

      3. Actively Listen, and Engage With Fans

        Too much “me talk” bores even the most faithful fans. A better way to cultivate interest is by letting fans speak for you. “Social media is not a monologue where you tell the world about the awards you’ve won, or the special deals on your products and services,” Small Business Edge Founder Brian Moran says. “It’s an opportunity for you to connect, in a meaningful way, with the people who have helped you and supported you in business.”

        So, go ahead and ask for testimonials. Host a photo contest or giveaway. Invite customers to share ideas for brand development.  Bring that powerful UGC home to websites and live display boards, and don’t stop there.

        Reach out to fans to say thanks. If you have the time, a personal note can make a big splash, but it may be more practical to configure automated responses. Twine’s High Five feature can be customized to follow-up with users whose content appears in your feed, and ultimately boost visibility and traffic by directing them back to your website’s social media hub.

        When consolidated into a streamlined, dynamic hub, all of the little conversations happening online suddenly become larger.  And since social media hubs can be used not just for public display, but also to search and monitor the most popular networks for any relevant posts, marketing managers gain a valuable picture of the brand’s health.

        These progressive brands are able to create highly-personalized experiences that put consumers first – and fans can’t get enough. For more information about how to start your own social media hub, drop us a note or try TwineSocial free today.

        For more ideas on how to promote shared enthusiasm around an idea, product, or community, check out our solutions gallery. Then, kick off your own success story with a free 7-day trial of TwineSocial. Let us know how we can help!

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