Harness the Power of the Group

If you’re the only person coordinating social media integration for your organization, then you can enjoy free reign of TwineSocial. But what if there are many brand managers involved in various campaigns, and they all want to join you on the playground? Don’t worry. The Groups Feature makes it easy to assign (and subdivide) access on a large scale.

Think of it as the ultimate key-cutting machine. Basic configuration options already allow you to tweak individual user roles. Content moderators, analytics users, and tech designers don’t all need the same tools, so assigning role-specific permissions is a good way to keep the back-end running smoothly. However, with multiple campaigns in the hopper, it’s also helpful to make sure users are only viewing projects relevant to their team.

Here’s an example of how the Groups Feature works. The world’s largest professional services brand wanted to tailor user accounts by geographical region. With financial advisory offices–member firms, as they’re better known–spanning 150 countries, content moderators in Europe didn’t necessarily need access to U.S. campaigns and vice versa. With the Groups Feature, users can be assigned entry to a limited subset of campaigns. It’s a more efficient, fine-tuned dashboard that makes everyone’s life better.

First, you’ll create a Campaign Group. Perhaps it’ll pertain to a specific brand, client, or product line. Then, anytime you add a new social media project, you’ll have the opportunity to denote which Campaign Group it should fall underwhich drawer the file folder should go in.

Since user accounts are linked at set-up to designated groups, this means you don’t have to go through the tedious process of manually adjusting individual settings each time a new campaign is created. Simply put - the project in the desired Campaign Group to ensure appropriate team members receive access. After that, all you really need to do is figure out what superhero name you want to go by.

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