5 Vital Tips for Social Marketing

A good marketing plan builds relationships with consumers. Like a flawless first date, brand leaders put their best foot forward with quality products and professional advertisements. But as any serial dater knows, the single biggest factor determining whether the romance blooms or booms is in meeting the friends – or, in this context, all the user-generated content related to your brand. With these five essentials of social media marketing, “happily ever after” is just a few clicks away.

1. Recruit your fans as your sales team.

Consumers tapping away on smartphones, laptops, and tablets are powerful elements of a modern marketing plan. Nielson reports that 92% of consumers trust personal recommendations over all other forms of advertising – an increase of 18 percent since 2007. Online reviews are also heavily relied upon, trusted by 70 percent – an increase of 15 percent in just four years.

The reality is that most successful brands have a little help from their friends. Social media posts speak to peers in a candid, trustworthy way that traditional advertising simply cannot. And what’s more, those authoritative voices don’t have to be on your payroll in order to work for you. Simply put a spotlight on the conversation, and watch the magic happen.

2. Search and display valuable content.

Scoop up user-generated content (UGC) with a social media aggregator. TwineSocial enables brands to easily search social networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter and display relevant posts in a variety of contexts.

Ensuring content remains connected to its original social network is key, so look for an aggregation service that is an official partner of every major social network. Why? Under each network’s terms and conditions, users grant the network and partners the right to search and display public posts. By accessing content through network APIs, like TwineSocial is authorized to do, brands can legally showcase UGC on websites, mobile apps, and display boards with phenomenal results.

3. Host a hashtag party!

Sometimes UGC grows organically, but for faster results, consider hosting a hashtag campaign. Consumers are already talking about brands. As Statista reports, 71% of internet users are also social media users – regularly sharing photos, videos, and recommendations online.

Your brand may be experiencing many small splashes in a pond, but mobilizing fans with a hashtag campaign can create a massive wave of engagement.

Camera manufacturer GoPro nailed this kind of content marketing strategy. The company knew adrenaline junkies were showing their jaw-dropping feats to friends and family, so they invited GoPro users to upload their best content with the #GoPro hashtag for the world to see, too. The company’s reach instantly expanded, sparking a highly-contagious adrenaline frenzy.

As Fast Company described, “Everyone got a glimpse of the power of user-generated content…The company more than doubled its net income from 2010 to 2011 to $24.6 million but only spent $50,000 more in marketing costs to do it, according to Wall St. Daily. And GoPro repeated the feat in 2013, increasing marketing costs by only $41,000, but making $28 million more in net income."

So go ahead. Ask a question, launch a contest, and inspire others to try your brand.

4. Incorporate UGC into brand messaging.

Innovative marketers don’t just leave UGC on social networks. Engagement rises significantly when users are exposed to brand and user-generated content together. Research indicates that simply including user photos or customer reviews on a company’s website increases shopper confidence by 73 percent!

The best social media aggregation and display platforms will make it easy to showcase UGC right alongside company content. Using CSS customization to present both in such a way that they remain separate but are not easily distinguished achieves stunning synergy and results.

Next, level up with a content permissions module. Companies on the cutting edge of social media marketing turn earned media into owned media. Remember Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign? The company combed social networks for the best UGC and purchased rights from content creators for display on 10,000 billboards around the world. Why? Because UGC adds authenticity and credibility to any brand. Don’t miss this powerful opportunity!

5. Get physical with live social walls.

The best brands are integrating real-time “social-signage” into live events. Bringing digital content to meeting venues, storefronts, concertsfestivals, and even an entire city through streaming walls creates an unforgettably engaging experience! Not only do attendees get the most up-to-date brand information, but, in fostering a sense of community, you’ll be creating a point of connection that extends far beyond the event itself.

Social media represents a golden opportunity for brands of every shape and size, but don’t take our word for it. Check out our gallery to see how others are successfully using Twine to tell their social story. Like a trusty wingman, we’re here to help and cheer you on.

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