5 Hacks for Using Social Media Content to Generate Traffic

The existence of user generated content – all the fan photos, testimonials, and videos that keep social media humming – makes our lives a lot easier. From a consumer perspective, peer input provides an authenticity we can’t find elsewhere. And for brands, it’s that candid, real life content that converts traffic into conversions at the highest rates.

But how exactly does it work?

Volumes have been written on why organic UGC matters and why we should want it. It’s not always easy to know what you’re supposed to be doing with it, once you have it, though. To help, take a look at five ways the pros are using UGC.

1. Get Fans to Spread Your Message

    Social media isn’t just for sharing cute cat memes and baby pictures. With millions of users worldwide, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest are buzz factories, with content touching every topic imaginable. If the goal is to get people talking about your brand – and it should be – then social media is an ideal place to make that happen.

    A savvy social media marketing campaign is often all it takes to build a tidal wave of attention. To start, study the “7 Habits of Highly Effective Hashtaggers.” Then, take a look at 10 exceptional hashtag campaigns that rocked the Internet last year, and see which of the “8 Brilliant Ways to Use Hashtag Content” best fit your brand’s ongoing strategy.

    Fortunately, it doesn’t matter whether you’re managing a start-up or a heritage brand. Hashtag campaigns don’t necessarily require big budgets – just a brilliant idea. Remember how Frito-Lay asked fans to #DoUsAFlavor? Ryu asked #WhatsInYourBag. Coca-Cola invited customers to #ShareACoke. Domino’s Pizza invited the Internet to #LetsDoLunch. And Charmin had folks sharing a #TweetFromTheSeat.

    As social media marketer Pankaj Narang puts it, “If you have a creative idea, then you don’t need an interesting product to run a hashtag campaign. If a brand that manufacturers toilet papers can win over Twitter, then so can you!”

    The beauty of this technique is that fans tend to inspire other fans to participate, and nothing screams popular like an avalanche of social media posts. Of course, you can help crank up the volume by featuring campaign content on your brand’s digital properties, too. With powerful aggregation engines, marketers can now easily pull in desired hashtags and feeds and publish UGC on websites, social media hubs, live event displays, and other configurations. Since fans love being featured and seeing what others have to contribute, social media integrations are a smart way to look cool, drive traffic, and boost conversions.

    2. Humanize Your Brand

      Studies suggest social media managers ought to post between 1 – 51 times a day, depending on the network being used. Aside from the obvious challenge marketers have in creating original content on that scale, imagine finding that much corporate mumbo-jumbo in your own social feed. What a snooze fest, right?

      Instead, think about using the opportunity to give fans a shout-out.

      Publishing user images tells consumers they are heard and valued, and it’s a downright likeable thing to do. Simply sift through your TwineSocial admin dashboard for the best UGC and repost on brand accounts, making sure to credit the source with a photo tag and caption mention. The perks are two-fold. Showing attractive, real life settings ultimately boosts product credibility, and the brand’s attentiveness to customers encourages others to post as well.

      In fact, UGC is so effective that in combating purchase anxiety (one of the top reasons shoppers abandon carts online) that ecommerce brands incorporating fan content are also seeing a 137% lift in conversions and 157% boost in revenue per visitor. That’s probably because UGC provides needed assurance to the question we all ask, “But how will that product look on a real person like me?” Connecting fan photos and customer reviews to products depicted on ecommerce platforms gives shoppers context – like a friend outside the fitting room -- and is quickly becoming an expectation in today’s online marketplace.

      3. Showcase Customer Loyalty

        Nobody likes to be cornered by someone who talks about themselves all the time. Unfortunately, that’s how consumers view most brand content. No matter how stellar the products or promotions, skepticism is an obstacle marketers must daily overcome.

        The best brands understand that real customer feedback resonates better. They understand people need to see what the brand represents, not just what it sells, and that requires making room for peer content within the brand’s own space. While consumers largely distrust promotional content, 92% say they lean on candid advice. That’s why positive UGC should be prominently featured at every point in the purchase path.

        Happy customers assure new customers they’re making the right choice.

        Sharing UGC also shows you care about the customer experience. As Smart Insights advises, “Reviews show your potential customers that your offerings are reliable. Ratings and reviews can help you increase traffic to your website, build dependability, and enhance conversion rates.”

        In other words, glowing testimonials work. According to Facebook, organic UGC featuring a brand gets 6.9x higher engagement than corporate efforts. Instead of striving to recreate the wheel, try harnessing existing excitement to create more desire.

        4. Curate a Content Library

          If you’re only looking at your brand’s official social media accounts, you’re missing out on tons of other valuable content. That’s because 96% of the people talking about your brand online probably aren’t even following you. Luckily, you can listen in.

          Like a fairy godmother, TwineSocial scans social media networks for desired search terms and drops UGC in your admin dashboard for review, moderation, and access to content permissions. This data allows you to power website hubs, ecommerce displays, streaming social walls, or be able to supplement brand communications with engaging photos of your products in use.

          Remember, UGC isn’t just for social media platforms. At the end of the day, fans are a brand’s best advertisers and UGC can be deployed almost anywhere once publishing rights are secured. Thanks to the development of our content permissions module, transferring social proof to advertisements, e-mail marketing, retail displays, and print material helps deliver the brand story in a relational and meaningful way.

          5. Learn From What You Hear

            Since consumers turn to social media to post complaints, praises, and opinions about your company and others, there’s a staggering amount of information available to marketers. That opportunity to listen and learn should not be overlooked!

            As CEOWorld Magazine reminds marketers, “Using this data can help your company improve brand experience, discover new ways customers are using your products, and continuously pinpoint ways to strengthen your market positioning.”

            Since UGC offers leverageable insights that help improve customer perception, conversion, and retention, it’s a good idea to dig in. Take a look at which content performs best, what voice resonates with your target audience, and how customers are responding to influencers in your brand’s community. There’s no question that the better the listening, the stronger the results.

            To start spotting trends and optimize marketing strategies, join the world’s most sophisticated social marketers by trying TwineSocial free today. As an official partner of all major social media networks, we’re proud to offer reliable access to UGC around the world.

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