Content Permissions Module

For the past several years, our team’s worked closely with brands of every shape and size. We’ve seen the power of creative thinking, implemented wide-ranging applications of the TwineSocial platform, and gained an insider look at what the most successful brands are doing differently with their user-generated content (UGC). That front-line experience inspired our engineers to create an add-on tool that is every marketer’s dream.

The Content Permissions Module: it’s what turns momentary bits of UGC into a stockpile of fresh, authentic advertising gold.

As social media usage continues to expand, traditional advertising may be out the door. Research indicates only 10 percent of online consumers trust official ads, whereas nearly 50 percent trust peer advice and 70 percent are influenced by friends and family. Let that sink in. Given the choice between taking a stranger’s advice or trusting a professional advertisement, the stranger wins.

Naturally, brand leaders are taking the hint and exploring new ways to let fan content do the talking for them. One such method is by curating and showcasing UGC on company websites or display boards at live events. The presence of peer-driven content lends instant credibility and leaves followers feeling heard and appreciated. Some studies show consumer engagement rises 28 percent simply when exposed to UGC and brand content together.


UGC is extraordinarily valuable, and you’ve worked hard to inspire it. Don’t let it slip away.

With TwineSocial’s permissions management tool, we’ve made it easy for brand managers to secure and track publishing rights to UGC. Owning the content you’ve earned opens the door to huge opportunities in print media, e-mail marketing, billboards, and other digital advertisements.

Here’s how it works. With the click of a button in your TwineSocial hub, you can request usage rights to any and all posts. Simply create a template message to let those followers know you love their posts and would like to share with others. (We recommend including a link to terms and conditions.) TwineSocial will watch for a reply. Once approval is received, we’ll automatically shift the status from “Rights Requested” to “Rights Granted,” allowing for fast moderation and record-keeping as your brand grows. Owned content will be easily retrievable in a designated dropdown menu for use in future marketing.

Using this innovative tool gives TwineSocial clients a leg up in maximizing the impact of social buzz. When brands build advertising campaigns around UGC, they get significantly larger return on investment, massive conversion rates, long-standing relationships with customers, and far more creative outreach opportunities than ever before.

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