California Raisins Go Social

Dried fruit had its origins in the sunny and temperate Old World Mediterranean, but ironically the best raisins in the world today are made in the New World. California Raisins are renowned for their quality and natural processing in the idyllic San Joaquin Valley sun-dried and carmelized by the relentless California sun.

Representing the California raisin farms, German importers, baking agents, suppliers, and consumers, California Raisins (Germany) is largely responsible for making Germany the #3 world importer of this delicious fruit. Tasked with promoting the industry via their advertisements, newsletters, sweepstakes, baking competitions, seminars and trade shows, they turned to social media to generate more excitement for the end user…the consumer.

The result is an artistic social Hub seamlessly integrated into the California Raisins website. With specific sections tailored to areas like baking, health, recipes and snacks there is something for every consumer.

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