Bringing Pope Francis to Social Media with TwineSocial

When the Pope comes to town, people tend to notice. Crowds gather, camera phones bob along, and in full religious fervor, a highly-digital generation flocks to social media.   So it was in late 2015 that Pope Francis created massive buzz with a six-day visit to the U.S. An estimated 1.5 million people attended a papal Mass in Philadelphia, while others flooded 17 more scheduled events along the East Coast. The stories, selfies, and spiritual discussions arising during the historic visit represented an extraordinary opportunity to engage the digital community – millennials, in particular – and Catholic networking site Aleteia seized the moment.   blogimage   Spearheading several engagement campaigns, the group launched the Popemoji project, a release of 52 emoji poses of Pope Francis in iconically American settings – visiting the Liberty Bell, tossing a football, and taking selfies with fans, and so forth -- while the #PopeIsHope and #GoodIsWinning hashtags celebrated acts of kindness during the papal visit. Untitled “It was important to us that the campaign be a conversation driven by our audience,” Executive Vice President Jason Deal said. That meant, as the project unfolded, Aleteia needed a way to recognize and highlight the people participating and provide them with an up-to-date view of where the conversation was going.   Aleteia found an ideal fit with TwineSocial’s aggregation tools.   “We chose Twine for its speed and ease-of-use for moderation, its visual template options, its simple integration with our website, flexible and supportive account services, and the market-leading value,” Deal said.   Aleteia used Twine’s capabilities thoroughly, essentially establishing a microsite featuring more than 40 data feeds (hashtags and accounts on major social networking sites). Deal estimates the campaign is directly responsible for generating over 30,000 pieces of user social content – a staggering number to be sure, but Twine’s advanced rules and routing features made it a cinch for Aleteia to import and disperse approved posts into relevant collections. blog2image Project managers added several flourishes, too. Using extensive Javascript and CSS functions, our support team built a custom infographic header, displaying the top rated post, five of the most popular emojis in use, and engagement stats, among others. Highly-customized Promoted Posts directed visitors to the Popemoji store, ultimately leading to approximately 2.5 million emoji interactions. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Twine’s “High Five” feature allowed Aleteia to automatically follow-up with users whose tweets appeared on the hub, driving additional traffic to the page. Approximately 20% of campaign participants featured retweeted Twine’s High Five post and approximately 5% followed Aleteia’s social handles as a result.   How will Twine help your brand? Get started with a personal demo of our social media aggregation, curation, and display platform.

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