Boy Scouts "Do a Good Turn Daily" with TwineSocial

Performing an unselfish act of service not only warms the heart, but also inspires others to emulate the example. Imagine then if 180,000 members of the Order of the Arrow, the national honor society of the Boy Scouts of America, committed to doing a daily act of service and sharing it with the world through social media. Just how contagious might each individual act of kindness be?


OA’s National Chief Alex Call dared the scouting community to find out. Dubbed the #DareToDo challenge, the 100-day service initiative officially kicked off in August. Behind the scenes, though, OA’s leadership worked well in advance to ready the program’s technical foundation.

Mike DeSocio, an Eagle Scout now serving as OA’s brand and identity lead, created a microsite to house #DareToDo content. The goal, DeSocio said, is for visitors to “get to the page, see the massive amount of social media activity related to the campaign, and be inspired to join.”

To make that happen, the organization first needed a way to aggregate and showcase the best social media related to the campaign. That’s when the design team turned to TwineSocial.

“We chose Twine because it seemed to be the most easy, professional tool of its kind,” DeSocio said, giving special note to the platform’s WordPress plug-in capabilities and attractive pricing. “We looked into some others, but Twine really had all the features we needed without any extra complication. It just worked.”


Within days of launching, the campaign spread globally. Thousands flocked to the social hub to see who accepted and shared the dare on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The result is a vibrant convergence of the Boy Scouts slogan “to do a good turn daily” and the Order of the Arrow’s call “to love one another.”

We’re honored to facilitate the scouting community’s effort to turn social media into a force for good, and while the kindness dare may formally conclude after 100 days, we’re confident this campaign will bear long-lasting fruits.

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